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Advance Detective Bureau, Inc (Advance) was established as a licensed and bonded private detective agency in New York City in 1948. Advance has since added additional jurisdictions to service its clients locally. Advance's investigative licenses include the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida in the U.S., and Switzerland as well as correspondents worldwide.

Advance's staff consists of highly trained, multi-lingual men and women who are experienced in all manner of investigative techniques. Since 1948, Advance has conducted discreet investigations on all lines of suspected fraudulent insurance claims. We are specialists in surveillance with video documentation.

Most assignments are successfully completed within thirty days, with video footage, by one investigator within three to four days of investigative time. Note, we do not differentiate between high crime, urban or suburban areas; all areas are covered within the same fee schedule with the same proficiency.

Don't take a chance chance, call Advance.

New York Department of State NYPI# 11000025663

New Jersey State Police NJPI# 2408

Florida Department of Consumer Services FLPI# A-9000174

Connecticut Department of Public Safety CTPI# A-2345

Advance is prepared to assist you to effectively comply with the New York State Workers' Compensation reform legislative bill 11331; "WORKERS' COMPENSATION FRAUD - FRAUD PREVENTION PLANS AND SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE UNITS," enacted in 1997.

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